Mary Jean Kraybill: Evergreen Estate Sale. "They exceeded what I had hoped to receive from the sale. They are honest and hard working, I would trust them with my own bank account!"

M.J. Kruger: Peoria Estate Sale. "Harlan and Ann helped us during a difficult time. The way they organized and displayed all of our Mother's things was attractive and prices clear. While setting up for the sale they found several thousands of dollars hidden thoughout my parents home as well as thousands in diamond, emerald, and opal jewelry we had not found. They got us the highest price for many items on Ebay. We would recommend them over any other estate service.

Brad Petru: Brookfield Estate Sale "They went far beyond my expectations! Other estate services told me my Grandmother didn't have anything of value. They found trunks filled with valuables in the attics and a large sum of money under a rug! They're honest and trustworthy. I live out of state and they handled everything for me and were completely accountable to us on a daily basis. Also, we sold some things on Ebay that did very well! I'd recommend them.