Our services are needed when you are:

> Liquidating a loved one's household or estate

> Moving out of state, or downsizing

A&H services will provide:

> Preparation for the sale, sorting, pricing, merchandising, advertising, and conducting the sale.

> World wide auctions on Ebay for rare items, antiques and collectibles to get the maximum value for your items.

> A broad base of collectors and dealers to aquire the highest market trend value for your items.

> Photos of furnishings and other items will be displayed on our website prior to the sale.

> Advertisement in major papers of your area as well as Chicagoland papers.

> Fliers and e-mails to our subscribers list.

> We obtain necessary permits, and post signs to direct public to the sale.

Contact us today at (815) 768-6425,(815) 390-5222, or e-mail at sales@ahcess.com