A&H Estate Sale Services offers 25 combined years of Estate Sale and Auction experience and expertise. We are a family owned, licensed and insured company. We conduct Estate Sales dependent upon the best avenue for our client to attain the highest value for the Estate.

With A&H Estate Sale Service the client receives 70% of the gross sales and A&H receives 30%. For an estate sale there are no upfront costs for the client. A&H pays for the advertising. The only charge a client may incur is the fee for a dumpster if one is required in the preparation of the sale or if the client chooses to have one for the remaining items from the sale.

Through an Estate Sales Service generally 80% to 90% of the items in the sale will be sold. Any remaining items are the responsibility of the client, however, we can arrange to have remaining items picked up by a local charity for tax deduction or a removal service can be contacted.

For further information or free consultation please contact us at:

(815) 390-5222, (815) 768-6425 or sales@ahcess.com